About the Game

Elemancer is all about smart decisions and clever deck building. Fight short tactical and engaging card battles and invest the earned rewards in upgrades for your cards and your home city.
Fight against other players in thrilling online multiplayer PvP matches and climb the ranks of the season.

Master the extensive campaign and unlock legendary heroes. Combine their unique spells with the rest of the deck for optimal results. Overpower your enemies with smart decks, powerful synergies and the perfect strategy!

Upgrade the buildings of your city and mine gems in a fun mini-game to empower your card collection. Play against friends to test your skills and newest deck creations.

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About Evil Grog Games GmbH

Pirates be making their own rules –
we be making our own games!

We are a team of 5 experienced game developers with a long track-record of successfully released titles on PC and mobile. We’ve been working in the industry for more than 50 years total in several gaming studios – big and small. With everyone over the age of 30, we have first-hand experience of retro gaming and old school adventures. We are 100% self-funded without any investors.

“There comes a time in most men’s lives where they feel the need to raise the Black Flag.”
Edward “Blackbeard” Thatch

Thomas Geiger

Chief Evilness Officer and developer. Long time gamer, and creating games is a passion.

Christian Wiedemann

Developer, gamer, nerd.
Grower of beards, wearer of hats and cuddler of plushies.

Martin Schreiber

Chief Bar Officer and Developer.
A gamer with a love for classic pc games, who worked on some of the “ancient” web games.

Tim Rachor

Chief Pizza Officer and Creative Director.
Designing ALL THE GAMES!

Harald Herrlich

The Mathemagician. Also Developer, Gamer, Nerd.